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Innovative Therapy Canada offers a higher level of therapy to effectively and efficiently resolve those painful conditions which don’t respond to more widely used therapies  
We are highly successful because we treat the causes...not the symptoms.

Your journey to becoming pain-free begins with our unique and innovative assessment process.

Glenn Cameron Reading Braille


When Glenn Cameron, owner of Innovative Therapy Canada, lost his vision, he never expected that he would start his own unique brand of therapy. Glenn is blind but his sense of touch has heightened.

As his vision deteriorated, Glenn learned to read Braille, developing an amazing sense of touch. He uses this keen sense of touch to scan the entire body from head to toe, feeling for problems in muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints, no matter how deep they lie. He can actually feel some dysfunctions which don’t show up on any imaging scans including an MRI.  He then follows their path which ultimately leads directly to their source, thus telling him exactly what’s wrong. 

No condition can be resolved if it is not correctly identified

Glenn Cameron Consultation



    Now that we have accurately identified what’s wrong, we then implement our knowledge and skill in the use of one or more of the world’s top therapeutic tools to do what they do best. The appropriate type of therapeutic tools must be chosen to correct the appropriate problem it is intended to fix if treatments are to be successful.
  • Muscles, tendons, and ligaments whose fibres are twisted/tangled and disorganized are broken apart by precision guided application of shockwave therapy.  Liberated fibres are then returned to their normal length with Myofascial release therapy (MFR).  Unwanted calcifications within injured tissues and in feet with bunions/hammer toes are also broken apart.
  • Painful swelling, and trapped metabolic waste products are flushed from dysfunctional regions with the powerful pulsating waves of magnetic therapy.
  • Overactive nerves are inhibited by the application of neuromuscular therapy.
  • Normal communication between brain and muscles is re-established with the highly specialized myoneural application of Trigenics.
  • Injured nerves involved in neuropathies and nerve compressions are rejuvenated with the application of an FDA Registered Class II medical neurostimulator rebuilder device.

Glenn Cameron Shockwave Treatment


The result of this approach is an extremely high success rate in resolving the issues, by once again establishing healthy strong muscles and joints working in unison to allow us to live free of pain and dysfunction, and prevent pre-mature joint degeneration and injury.

Relief from your pain comes quickly, typically experiencing a difference after the first treatment.

No matter what you suffer from or how long you have had pain, our treatments have enormous capabilities to restore normal function to the body. We can rebuild damaged nerves, increase circulation and oxygen levels, rebuild damaged connective tissue, soften or break apart restricting effects of scar tissue, and change your mental state as we remove that blanket of despair. We can give you your life back.

If you have been told, "Live with it"...we found a better way!

I traveled from California to Cornwall Canada in order to work with Glenn Cameron at Innovative Therapy Canada to see if he could fix my feet. I had started to develop bunions. I could see the pronation of my ankles and the flatness of my arches.

I dance for a living, and run a teaching studio for Ballroom dancing lessons, so this development in my feet was seriously bad news. I did extensive searching online to try and find a medical professional who had a solution. I kept hearing all of the same non- solutions. ("it's hereditary… Change your footwear… There's no alternative to surgery…" etc.) The agreed-upon solution for bunions in the U.S. seems to be a bunionectomy – which seems to be a rather extreme and barbaric solution. And not for me.

Finally, I came across Glenn's website and was impressed by the information on it. he talked about bunions in a way that no one else on the web seemed to be doing. Finally finding Glenn's website was a god-send for me. Here is a man taking a logical and positive approach towards healing bunions! I finally had hope!

I arranged to spend a week in Canada to see if Glenn's alternative bunion therapy could help me. Coming from California, a trip to Canada was a big commitment of time and money to work with someone I had not met – but as soon as we had our first session together, I knew I had made the right decision. Glenn's knowledge in his field was very impressive and he explained the process and my situation to me thoroughly. He took the time to answer all my questions ( and, boy, did I have a lot of them ) He definitely put me at ease.

I came to the office for two hour session every morning that week. Even after the very first session I could see a change in the structure of my feet. As it turns out, Glenn discovered that my bunions weren't exactly what I thought they were. My left foot had a visible protruding bunion and a misalignment of the big toe which was pretty obvious. It turns out that it was not as difficult a bunion to cure as I had anticipated.

My right foot only looked like it had a slight bunion, but it actually had a very calcified big toe joint. It was headed toward arthritis, but since he discovered it soon enough -before the joint began to break down – disaster was averted. I honestly believe he helped me prevent arthritis in my feet.

Glenn also helped me with a years old problem with my neck and upper back. For one of the treatments we decided to change our focus and see if he could help my back pain.
For years I have been looking for a whiplash therapy that would help relieve my constant upper back pain. Glenn discovered that my pain was no longer from whiplash, but was resulting from Thoracic outlet syndrome which had developed in conjunction with the whiplash (– something doctors never told me – ) and in one session my pain was greatly reduced.

If you're considering traveling a distance to work with Glenn at his therapy clinic, I can assure you that it is well worth the trip. This man really knows his stuff. I was at such a loss looking for an alternative therapies in the U.S. Glenn was the only one to offer me a solution- and it worked. His sensitivity to me as a client and his knowledge base around Bunions and muscular adhesions in general was so impressive -I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Because the calcification of my toes was such an extreme case, I will have to return a second time to complete the bunion therapy. I am happy to do it, as I can already feel the changes in my feet – and I have complete confidence in this man.

It was an intense week, but I'm so glad I made the choice to do it for myself.

I would be happy to talk with anyone about my experience.


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