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Innovative Therapy Canada is an established chronic pain reduction clinic, offering unique and proven custom therapies that effectively both diagnose and treat painful conditions that often don’t respond to conventional therapy.

Specializing in the treatment of chronic pain conditions has given us an understanding of what causes pain and we have developed a strategic blueprint to successfully treat it.

Our holistic approach to treating pain has guided us well- not focusing treatments on symptomatic regions but, rather on the source region we uniquely identify.

Pain is deemed to be Chronic if it lasts for more than 3 months. The body has sufficient time to heal from most musculoskeletal conditions during this time unless other complicating factors are present making the condition chronic. Finding these complicating factors is our specialty. Resolving them is our goal.

Your journey to becoming pain-free begins with our unique and innovative diagnostic process.

Glenn Cameron Reading Braille


Our diagnostic process offers you the most thorough and comprehensive assessment you have always wanted but never received. 

You benefit from our years of experience, and advanced courses in pain relief, as we skillfully and systematically examine various body systems, including muscle/joint, blood flow, nerve function, and skin presentation. 

Feeling What Most can’t Feel...Finding What Most can’t Find.

The key reason for the Clinic’s success comes from the Clinic’s Founder, Glenn Cameron, who happens to be blind. He was born with retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic eye disorder that eventually robs a person of their sight. Glenn has developed a rare sense of touch, a virtual “7th sense”, that allows him to feel problems that even the best imaging equipment like MRI’s, may not detect. 

Glenn has achieved a level of success that many sighted health care professionals never reach. He uses this 7th sense to diagnose pain conditions with uncanny accuracy and  develops  INNOVATIVE detailed processes to reverse the painful effects of the condition by doing something medicine rarely does, fix the cause. 

If Glenn was fully sighted, he would have never been able to develop this rare ability to diagnose pain. His tactile “ESP” is a blessing. Glenn has a gift, not a disability.”

Furthermore, his professional use of the various therapeutic tools he owns is used diagnostically, to confirm what he feels to be both accurate and complete.

No condition can be resolved if it is not correctly identified

Glenn Cameron Consultation


Once we have accurately identified your condition, we then call upon our skills and experience treating chronic pain, to begin the process of changing your life. 

The advanced training courses we continually pursue give us the knowledge we require to stay current with medical research and newly discovered techniques.

We are Board Certified to Diagnose and treat Neuropathy

It’s not enough for us to just own the latest and best-in-class advanced Therapeutic Tools and Technology the world has to offer, but to use that 7th tactile esp sense to  combine its use, like combining extracorporeal shockwave therapy and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, achieving unheard of results.  

Even more, our advanced knowledge in functional neurology provides the key to open the door to the secrets of what causes resistant chronic pain conditions, and answer why conventional approaches sometimes fail.  This plays an essential role in our treatment of pain and rightly so, because the root of pain is often neurological.

We have all the technology in our clinic to resolve most conditions that traditional therapies cannot. Whether it be a dysfunction or damaged muscle, tendon, ligament and even nerves and bone, our state-of-the-art regenerative technologies will help guide your success.

Conditions are analyzed in-depth to determine what tissues (nerve/muscle/tendon/joint) are damaged or dysfunctional, so that the appropriate therapy is selected and in the correct sequence of administration. Incorrect therapeutic tool selection and treatment sequences will not result in treatment success.

Our impressive comprehensive array of tools includes:

We bring the very best the world has to offer to our Cornwall clinic, so you do not have to travel far to receive it. Our treatments have enormous capabilities to eliminate pain and restore normal function to the body. We not only give you hope, but yield results. Our ultimate goal is to give you your life back.  

If you have been told, "Live with it"...We found a better way!

Bienvenue à Thérapie innovanteCanada

Thérapie innovante Canada est une clinique de réduction de la douleur chronique établie, offrant des thérapies personnalisées uniques et éprouvées qui permettent de diagnostiquer et de traiter efficacement les affections douloureuses qui souvent ne répondent pas aux traitements conventionnels.

La spécialisation dans le traitement de la douleur chronique nous a donné une compréhension de ce qui cause la douleur et nous avons développé un plan stratégique pour le traiter avec succès.

Notre approche holistique du traitement de la douleur nous a bien guidés - en ne focalisant pas les traitements sur les régions symptomatiques mais plutôt sur la région source que nous identifions de façon unique.

La douleur est considérée comme chronique si elle dure plus de 3 mois. Le corps a suffisamment de temps pour guérir de la plupart des affections musculo-squelettiques pendant cette période, à moins que d'autres facteurs de complication ne soient présents rendant la maladie chronique. La découverte de ces facteurs de complication est notre spécialité. Les résoudre est notre objectif.


Votre journée sans douleur commence avec notre processus de diagnostic unique et innovant.

Glenn Cameron Reading Braille

Processus de diagnostic unique

Notre processus de diagnostic joue un rôle important pour toutes les affections que nous traitons, car il dicte tous les aspects d'un plan de traitement réussi.

Ressentir ce que la plupart ne peuvent ressentir.  
Trouver ce que la plupart ne peuvent trouver.

Le fondateur de la clinique, Glenn Cameron, ayant appris à lire le braille alors que sa vue s'affaiblissait, a développé avec le temps un sens du toucher optimisé et exceptionnel. Cette sensibilité remarquable lui confère un avantage diagnostique inégalé et unique, lui permettant de ressentir les signes d'un problème.

Il peut ressentir des problèmes qui ne peuvent être observés avec la radiographie traditionnelle, la tomodensitométrie ou l'imagerie par résonance magnétique (IRM).De plus, il utilise professionnellement les différents outils thérapeutiques qu'il possède à des fins diagnostiques, afin de confirmer ce qu'il ressent avec précision et globalité.

Toutes les affections sont analysées en profondeur pour déterminer quels tissus (nerf, muscle, tendon, articulation, etc.) sont endommagés ou
dysfonctionnels, afin de choisir la thérapie la plus appropriée avec la séquence optimale.

Aucune condition ne peut être résolue si elle n'est pas correctement identifiée

Glenn Cameron Consultation



Notre processus de traitement est novateur, car il combine de multiples thérapies et technologies, offrant ainsi une solution unique et efficace pour de nombreux problèmes complexes et difficiles. 
La mise en œuvre de toutes les thérapies et l'utilisation des outils et technologies sont guidées par les mains de Glenn pour confirmer que les traitements produisent les effets attendus. 

Gamme complète d'outils et de technologies

De plus, il utilise professionnellement les différents outils thérapeutiques qu'il possède à des fins diagnostiques, afin de confirmer ce qu'il ressent avec précision et globalité. Toutes les affections sont analysées en profondeur pour déterminer quels tissus (nerf, muscle, tendon, articulation, etc.) sont endommagés ou dysfonctionnels, afin de choisir la thérapie la plus appropriée avec la séquence optimale.

Si l'on vous a dit :  "Vous devez endurer la douleur"...    nous avons trouvé une meilleure solution! 

"For the past 2 years or more I have lived with low back pain that has made my life miserable.  I also suffered with arthritis in a few of my fingers making it difficult to do many things I love to do, including baking.  Getting old is not much fun".
  Several months ago my back pain got so bad that I was admitted to hospital in Winchester and given oxycontin, an extremely powerful pain medication.  I remember not being able to think or even function very well while on that stupid medicine.  My son came to visit me and I couldn’t even keep a conversation with him because my head was fuzzy.  He went to my Doctor and asked what was wrong with his Mother.
A surgeon came to see me to explain to me what he could do to help with my back pain.  I remember him telling me very clearly that he wasn’t sure whether he could help me or not.  He also told me that if he nicked a nerve during surgery I could be paralysed and in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.  I left the hospital and threw out the oxycontin.  I was basically told that there was nothing the doctors could do to help me.  I would have to live with my back pain. 
Some friends told me of Glenn Cameron and the amazing therapy he is capable of doing in his Cornwall clinic.  I decided to go and see what he could do with my arthritic fingers.  I was hoping that he could at least bring some relief to my hands, knowing that nothing could be done for my back.  I had 1 treatment done on my fingers and was shocked at how well things went.  My fingers were no where near as sore as they were, and I could close my hand to grasp things once again.  During this treatment Glenn informed me that he could help me with my severe back pain.  I was convinced that I would have to just live with that but after seeing what he was able to do with my fingers, I decided to return for another treatment. 
Glenn treated my fingers again and then moved to my achy back.  The next day I could not believe how I felt.  I had very little back pain!  I was stunned!  I felt so good that I decided to make apple sauce.  I stood by my sink and stove all day peeling apples, and coring the apple sauce for Christmas.  I stood all day and did not have any back pain at all.   I could never have done that before my treatment with Glenn.  My arthritic fingers worked well with only a minor discomfort, peeling apples and stirring my apple sauce.
I returned to 3 more treatments on my back and fingers and am now pain free.  I felt so good that I did some decorating in my home.  My friends have commented to me at how good I look.  I no longer stand bent over and that painful look on my face is now completely gone. I am smiling again like I used to.  I thought I would have to live in pain for the rest of my life.  I can’t believe it. 


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