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Innovative Therapy Canada is an established chronic pain reduction clinic offering unique and proven custom therapies that effectively both diagnose and treat painful conditions that often don’t respond to conventional therapy”

We achieve an extremely high success rate:

We understand what causes pain, have many years of experience treating it.  We own advanced therapeutic tools, which we rely on to get the job done, efficiently and effectively. 


Research is constantly offering answers as to why painful conditions can be so difficult to diagnose and even worse almost impossible at times to resolve.  We have not put our textbooks down after graduating, but rather kept learning, pursuing these advanced knowledge courses to help us offer resolutions to even more conditions than ever before.  This year we have attended multiple courses in the United States in Advanced Neurology for a better understanding of the nervous system’s role in chronic pain conditions.  The brain will react according to the information it receives from-embedded receptors in muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  We have learned this year how to change this brain-muscle connection by making changes to these receptors, yielding amazing results.  Our thirst for knowledge will never end, and why should it.  We specialize in treating complex conditions and continue to improve our ability to do so. 


We have specialized in the treatment of complex painful conditions for many years, and as a result, have developed a strategic blueprint as to how to proceed in doing so.  This strategy guides us in our quest to efficiently and effectively succeed.  We have administered treatments for everything from chronic neck trauma, frozen and other complex shoulder conditions, back pain, pelvic pain, scar tissue resulting from gynecological and other surgical procedures, neuropathies and other nervous system dysfunctions, and a host of foot problems including bunions and hammertoes. 


Car mechanics cannot fix a vehicle if they do not have the necessary tools to do so.  Our clinic is fully equipped with the tools we need to relieve pain.  They are:

Shockwave therapy (Lithotripsy)

Shockwaves are not electrical impulses as their name implies.  Rather they are a unique type of acoustic (sound) wave, which propagates faster than the speed of sound (760 miles per hour).  It’s this speed which gives these acoustic waves their name, as their propagation into the body illicit an extreme pressure change from high to low (shock) to the gas components of blood and lymphatic fluid. 

These extreme and rapid pressure changes cause these gases to expand just like the fizz in a soft drink can when shaken.  Blood and lymphatic fluid bathe all soft tissues of the body including muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  These expanding gas bubbles cause internal pressure to develop within soft tissues it is administered into, resulting in the expansion of their fibres.  Healthy soft tissues can absorb these forces but unwanted hardened, twisted/tangled fibres responsible for so much pain and suffering cannot.  Consequently, the pressure builds to a level where the dysfunction is broken apart, releasing its hold on free nerve endings, releasing painful chemical irritants, and initiates the body’s tissue regeneration response.     

We use state-of-the-art Swiss Dolorclast shockwave units from EMS, the ones that all research data was conducted on. 

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

This technology produces an extremely powerful pulsating magnetic field exactly as the magnetic field on earth created by the north and south poles.  Life would not exist on Earth without this magnetic field.  These high-energy pulsating magnetic fields cause all cells in the body to vibrate because they themselves have a magnetic polarity.  This vibration causes the cells to produce more internal energy used to help force unwanted toxins and metabolic waste products out, draw oxygen and nutrients in, and eliminate harmful and painful inflammation.  The result of this therapy is rapid healing, better oxygen, and nutrient exchange across the cell membrane, more energy, and more resistant cells for overall health.  As a result, we heal faster from injuries, have more energy, fight sickness and diseases, and most importantly decreased pain to regions that have been chronically painful.

Trigenics Myoneural Therapy (TMT)

This therapy involves the mechanical stimulation of special receptors within muscles and tendons to affect neurological changes to them.  It is applied with a high tech vibration/percussion device, which stretches these special receptors while the muscle is under load.  The result is either increased tone to neurologically weakened muscles or tone reduction to severely contractured muscles.  Trigenics restores equilibrium to groups of muscles so that all contract equally when required to move a joint.  Joint pain arises whenever muscles are not pulling in equilibrium, thus torquing the joint.

Nerve Neurostimulator/Rebuilder

This neurostimulation device is a special technology, which generates electrical impulses at the exact frequency in which nerves depolarize and fire.  These impulses are delivered into feet to stimulate nerves in the lower extremities, and hands in the upper extremities.  The impulses are amplified significantly from those of nerves, thus encourage damaged or dysfunctional nerves to heal and function normally.  Its use provides the best opportunity to restore normal function to nerves affected by neuropathies, nerve compressions (pinched), damaged nerves or metabolic disorders. 

Exercise with Oxygen

This is a fascinating new technological invention to help improve the body’s ability to intake oxygen through the lungs, and greatly improve its transport into much-needed cells through the blood circulation.  You breathe two different concentrations of oxygen while exercising on an exercise cycle.  Switching from 6 percent less than normal oxygen simulates 10,000 feet elevation, and 4 times normal levels (4x21), used to recover from altitude.  This exercising simulates cycling in mountains at high elevation without going there.  We use the technology to improve cardiovascular health, which is essential for healing and tissue regeneration in those suffering from chronic pain. 

Infrared Light therapy

Vibration Plate therapy

Most people see an improvement in their condition after their first treatment which is incredible to them, but normal for us.

Sufficient time is allocated during the assessment/consultation process, to discuss your situation and ensure that all questions are answered. We need you to know what our role is in providing the treatments, and how we intend to get the job done.

The clinic thrives on word-of-mouth referrals and we will do whatever we can to resolve your pain, in a pleasant atmosphere and with professionalism so you will tell others of your positive experiences. You will be treated with the respect you deserve.

We offer a no charge consultation and assessment to determine exactly what condition you have and to answer any questions.   We look forward to meeting you and adding you to our growing list of satisfied, formerly-in-pain clients.

Our new clinic is bright and spacious providing a relaxed atmosphere to visit and receive treatments in.  We are located on the ground floor of a medical complex surrounded with plenty of free parking.

Innovative Therapy Canada is located in Cornwall Ontario Canada, in the Wellness Medical Centre Complex. Cornwall is located in Eastern Ontario along the Canada/United States border with New York State separated by the St Lawrence River. It is uniquely located 1-hour drive from Montreal, Ottawa, and Upstate New York.


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