About Glenn Cameron

With failing vision Glenn Cameron founder and CEO of Innovative Therapy Canada, decided to pursue a career that would not require sight.  Glenn graduated in 2008 as a blind massage therapist from Kine Concept Ottawa, one of the most therapeutic oriented training schools in Ontario.  His education focused entirely on the therapeutic aspect of the profession, preparing him for a career treating chronic pain. 

Four months into his career, Glenn knew he was missing something, a type of therapy or tool that would help him remove the extremely small-hardened dysfunctions he could feel as a result of his blindness, but could not remove by manual techniques.  They were unwanted calcifications common to severe tendon injuries, hardened painful bands characteristic of myofascial adhesions, and ropey disorganized and extremely painful fibres within dysfunctional muscles and tendons.  He quickly found what he was looking for in May 2009 in Toronto, and it would prove to change the course of his career.  Glenn trained in the theory and application of shockwave therapy, the same acoustic wave technology used to break apart kidney stones.  Over the many years since then, Glenn has developed a sixth sense administering shockwave therapy because of his extraordinary ability to feel the structures that require its use.  Looking back now, having become a shockwave therapy professional, was a career-altering decision for Glenn and the clinic.  He still had no idea that there was more to come.  

Glenn was born with retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic eye disorder that eventually robs a person of their sight.  He had good vision in his earlier years, enjoyed flying small aircraft until his vision deteriorated ending his flying days at the age of 24.  Two years later Glenn gave up his driver’s license beginning the life of a disabled person.  Learning braille was the next normal progression for a person going blind but Glenn never knew at that time how life-altering it would be.  It took him 5 years to develop the sensitivity in his fingers to be able to read the tiny Braille dots with speed, mentally converting the tiny dot patterns into alphabetical characters and ultimately words and sentences.  According to medical researchers, we all have roughly 50,000 sensation receptors in every square inch of our fingertips, but most do not really develop sensitivity with these receptors.  Those who read Braille do, and what a remarkable transformation this heightened sense of touch creates in a world without sight.

Glenn has taken multiple advanced training courses over the years, to further his knowledge and skill, constantly researching conditions he treats to understand why they developed in the first place.  He knew if he could identify why conditions developed, he could create a successful approach to permanently resolve them, which is exactly what he has done.

Glenn’s most recent training was in the United States focusing on the physiology and practicum in Functional Neurology, a branch of therapeutic neurology called Trigenics.  Trigenics is the study to understand the communication between the central nervous system (CNS) and muscles,  ligaments, joint cartilage, and tendons. Communication errors result in abnormal muscle behavior, resulting in pain in muscles and joints.  Glenn’s sixth sense told him that in some people their muscles were not functioning correctly, not getting the proper neurological signal, they require to do so.  This myoneural training answered all his questions as to why, and how to correct this nervous system-muscle miscommunication fault.

Trigenics is just one of the most recent and immeasurably important discoveries for Glenn since shockwave therapy back in 2009.  Now he is implementing this into his practice and is seeing its positive effects and so are those who seek help from him.

Pulsed Electromagnetic field therapy is another new addition to the clinic that in itself is probably the most capable of all technologies to force cellular healing to the entire body.  The pulsating magnetic impulses cause cells to vibrate which stimulates their internal biological processes resulting in the regeneration process and re-establish normal metabolic function.  Glenn is now incorporating Magnetic therapy into his chronic pain treatments along with Trigenics and shockwave therapy to provide the ultimate innovation in the treatment of chronic pain. 

The most recent technology added to the clinic’s toolbox is with a nerve neurostimulator rebuilder to help rebuild damaged nerves, vascular infrared therapy to help improve circulation in those with circulatory issues and exercise with oxygen, a cardiovascular enhancement technology that simulates 10,000 feet altitude.  Glenn has a fully equipped clinic and has developed some very innovative treatment protocols to solve chronic pain.  

Glenn is grateful to have the knowledge and skill to help people from all over North America, resolving issues they cannot seem to get resolved locally where they live.  Glenn is now able to offer almost everyone he treats the chance for a better life.  It is a career driven by a passion for resolving even the most difficult of issues in people with his own blindness always in the back of his mind.  He hopes that someday a healthcare professional like him will do what he does to so many people, and find a cure to his problem.  Until then Glenn will continue to help those who seek treatments from him.


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