Bone Fractures - Complex

Our use of magnetic therapy results in an immediate reduction of extremely painful swelling and stimulates the fracture site to heal with amazing speed. The therapy can be started as soon as the fracture has been casted, because the pulsating magnetic field passes through the cast and the bone itself.

Bone fractures will typically be casted either with a conventional plaster cast or with a removable air cast to support both bones involved in the fracture. The fracture site begins to be somewhat stable after 6-8 weeks in which case the cast is no longer required. Over the next 4 months, the newly formed bone matrix will calcify making the site rigid and strong once again.

In those more severe situations where surgeons need to operate and place pins, screws and/or metal plates, the fracture site is immediate stabilized.

Our treatment with magnetic therapy is intended to do the following;

  • Reduce the extreme pain in the early stages of the fracture by eliminating the enormously painful swelling
  • Speed up the production of new bone matrix and calcification process by stimulating the osteoblast activity
  • Stimulate new and healthy free nerve endings so that the fracture site will not ache when it rains in the years go come.

Old fracture sites can still be helped by magnetic therapy even after many years. Its effects flush out chronic inflammation from within the bone or surrounding structures, calm irritated nerve endings, and ensure an ample supply of tiny blood vessels have been created re-establishing the best possible circulation to the region.


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