Unique Diagnostic Process 

Our diagnostic process offers you the most thorough and comprehensive assessment you have always wanted but never received. 

You benefit from our years of experience, and advanced courses in pain relief, as we skillfully and systematically examine various body systems, including muscle/joint, blood flow, nerve function, and skin presentation. 

The diagnostic process plays an important role in solving any condition we treat, as it dictates all aspects of a treatment plan.

We have many therapeutic tools to choose from in order to treat pain and immobility, but we must know what is wrong so the correct tool is chosen for the correct application it is intended to solve.

Our assessment and diagnostic findings are discussed with you, using our resident skeleton.  We find this an excellent way to explain what’s wrong and discuss the proposed treatment plan with an actual anatomical model rather than by words or pictures. Everyone understands perfectly whenever we use our skeleton to show cause and effect.

Diagnostic Process

Our founder’s keen sense of touch plays an important role in detecting problems in the body. He can feel even the slightest signs of dysfunction in the skin, down to the deep muscular connective tissues over the bones, deep into the abdomen, and in heavily concentrated regions of nerves and blood vessels in the neck.

Any skeletal misalignment, muscular or tendinous abnormalities are quickly identified and charted. Upon completion of this hands-on evaluation, a clearer picture emerges as to what might be wrong. We do not stop there.

We use the unique capability afforded to us by our Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy technology to identify regions of dysfunction anywhere in the body. The magnetic waves produced pass through the entire body like an MRI, identifying regions of dysfunction in soft tissue and bone. Results from this examination must correspond with those found from the hands-on evaluation.

The final aspect of this process is the in-depth conversation we have with you. What you tell us is so important to help us.  We acquire a lot of useful information from you by just taking the time to listen. You know your body better than any health care professional ever will, are often correct in assumptions you have arrived at already.

The first treatment is designed to test our theory of what is wrong, and it usually succeeds in doing so. Our goal is to reproduce the symptoms you experience to confirm our suspicions were correct, and are on target to solve the problem.

There are occasions when we are wrong with our diagnosis, but not completely off the mark. Conditions can mask themselves in other conditions we have correctly identified during the diagnostic process. It is not until we address these identified conditions that we then see the underlying one ultimately responsible for the cause. 

The diagnostic process costs $150.00, credited in full towards your first treatment upon acceptance of the treatment plan.


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