Treatment Overview - What to expect

Your first treatment is the most important one of all.  It tells us: 

  • How bad is the affected region?
  • How many treatments will be required to resolve the condition
  • Are other regions/structures involved?
  • How aggressive can we treat in future treatments?
  • Confirms the condition we have diagnosed to be present.

We have definite goals we must achieve in the execution of each individual treatment, and in our overall treatment plan.  We are so successful in treating chronic pain because we have developed a comprehensive strategy in treating the various conditions we offer to treat.  Everything we do is based on our experiences over the years that have lead us to the best plan of action today. 

Treatment goals:

  • Confidently diagnose the condition(s) you are suffering from.
  • Correct the mechanism(s) responsible for the condition(s)
  • Eliminate the soft tissue dysfunctions present
  • Remove any nerve compressions present
  • Correct any biomechanical faults present to your skeleton
  • Educate you as to why you developed the condition(s) and how to avoid getting it again

We employ 5 major types of therapy to treat chronic pain.  They are:

  • Extracorporeal ShockwaveTherapy (Swiss Dolorclast Shockwave units from EMS),
  • Magnetic Biostimulation Therapy
  • Neuromuscular/Therapeutic Therapy
  • Myofascial Adhesions
  • Trigenics

It has taken years to develop but we have developed highly successful protocols to treat most conditions that cause chronic pain.  We utilize one or more of the therapies in combination with each other, at the appropriate time for their use, and at the appropriate power levels to successfully treat a dysfunction. 

What to Expect during Treatments:

Your first treatment will be the worst of all treatments.  We must begin to remove the dysfunctions responsible for your chronic pain at a time when you are already in pain. You can expect to feel some discomfort, as treatments begin.  We begin slowly and as the region improves can go further until our goal in the first treatment has been reached.  We know exactly what must be done in each treatment in order to resolve your issue in the time we have indicated to you.

If you have a nerve entrapment, you will feel sensations of more pins and needles, or numbness for a few minutes until we have removed the compression.  Relief soon follows with a dramatic decrease in these symptoms. 

Sensations of pressure, heat, low-grade ache, and perhaps a coolness may be experienced as treatments progress. 

Any symptoms experienced during the first treatment will slowly subside to a point where you may not feel much at all.  

What To Expect After Your First Treatment:

You will feel fantastic for the balance of the day after your first treatment.  However, that will not be the case the following day.  You will feel like you went to the gym the day before and did too aggressive a work-out.  You can expect to be tender to the touch. 

The trade-off, however, will be a decrease in your chronic pain symptoms.  For the first time in a while, YOU WILL HAVE SOME RELIEF!

You can expect to be tender for 3 days following your first treatment. 

Day 1: You will be tender, with some stiffness like having gone to the gym the day earlier.   

Day 2: You will notice a rapid decrease in this tenderness and an even further decrease in your original chronic pain symptoms. 

Day 3: Your tenderness due to treatment is gone, and even more relief from your original pain symptoms. 

Day 4: You will feel great!

Note! You will be told to NOT take any anti-inflammatory medications as they will directly interfere with our treatments. 

Treatments cause a low-grade inflammation in the worst regions being treated on purpose.  This is how the body’s healing mechanism begins.  Inflammation is an accumulation of lymphatic fluid that carries the repair fibres necessary to mend the region.  Anti-inflammatory will slow down this healing process so must be avoided. 

The inflammation and potential bruising that comes with treatment is very different from what you may think and quite necessary. 

Bruises are typically a result of broken blood vessels due to a trauma to the soft tissues. The bruising we cause is NOT a result of broken blood vessels but rather from the breaking apart the unwanted and pain-causing dysfunctional bands of connective tissue fibres.  Unlike broken blood vessel bruising, these fascial bruises disappear within the 3-day healing period after your first treatment.  Bruising after your second treatment is greatly reduced if present at all.  There will be no bruising after any subsequent treatments in the region. 


Treating chronic pain requires our technical specialty but also requires communication for you.  We must work together in treating pain. 

You must tell us everything you can during your treatments, and ask us any questions that may pop into your head.  Good communication between you and your therapist ultimately ensure that your conditions(s) are resolved.


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