Exercising With Oxygen


Exercising with oxygen is a unique type of cardiovascular exercise, which provides a state of super oxygenation to the entire body.  The health benefits of super oxygenation are widespread, and play a major role in our treatment of chronic pain. 

Cells utilize oxygen to generate the energy they require to carry out normal metabolic functions essential to maintain health and vitality.  Cells that lack either the energy or the oxygen required to produce it, become weak, toxic, sick, and even diseased and end up developing chronic pain. 

Why Super Oxygenate the Body?

Every cell in the body requires a constant supply of oxygen molecules to survive.  The brain gets more oxygen than any other organ because even brief interruptions of oxygen can be damaging to the neurological tissues comprising it. 

Cells utilize oxygen to generate the energy they require to carry out functions essential for life.  Healthy cells will measure 90 millivolts of energy potential, sufficient for overall health and vitality.  If this energy level begins to drop, the cell will be less capable of carrying out its normal functions eventually becoming toxic, sick, and less capable of regenerating itself.  Oxygen is one of the most important elements cells use for the production of energy.  With less energy to move oxygen across its membrane, the result is less energy production inside the cell.  Less energy production inside the cell means less ability to move oxygen across its membrane.  It is the starting of a dangerous cycle, which can eventually lead to cellular toxicity, sickness, disease, and what we are most interested in, chronic pain. 

Standard Cardiovascular Exercise Not Sufficient?

The air we breathe is comprised of 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen.  Standard cardiovascular exercise causes the heart rate to increase delivering oxygen-rich blood to all muscles and organs requiring it.  The cells which comprise muscles and nerves are accustomed to 21% oxygen outside their membranes at all times, utilizing it for energy production.  The problem begins whenever cells lose their ability to maintain sufficient internal energy production, to pull oxygen molecules across its membrane to its interior.  The result is cells that become weak, unable to expel metabolic waste products and carbon dioxide produced by normal cellular processes, and an overall inability to regenerate and repair itself.  Pain is the first sign of such cellular malfunction. 

The 21% oxygen outside cells may not be sufficient to stop this degrading process from worsening to a state of poor health and chronic pain.  Many reasons exist for this to occur which are explained later in this document. 

The Solution:  Super Oxygenation

Cells that lack the necessary energy to pull oxygen across their membranes need help.  Remember its oxygen that cells use to create energy, so it is essential that oxygen gets inside the cell so it becomes healthy again. 

Typical cardiovascular exercise delivers more oxygen to cells that require it, but it is still only at 21% concentration.  The cells that have developed problems did so with this concentration readily available to them, yet developed a problem.  

Exercising with oxygen causes periods of super-oxygenated blood at 84% to all cells in the body.  The weak cells lack the energy to pull it in but this high concentration oxygen forces its way inside, even in the presence of decreased energy.  This occurs simply due to the concentration gradient.  Blood outside a weak cell at 84% is 4 times greater than the cell is exposed to, and weakened cells do not even have the normal 21% inside them.  It is much lower, so the sheer force of higher oxygen outside the cell and substantially lower inside, results in much-needed oxygen forcing its way inside. 

With 84% oxygen inside a cell, that never sees levels this high ever; the energy production process is kicked into high gear producing enormous amounts of internal energy.  This new energy production then forces the accumulating carbon dioxide and metabolic waste products out with enormous force and speed.  The result is weak cells quickly begins to function normally once again.  The effects of this include:

  • Muscle pain and dysfunction begin to diminish
  • Nerves begin to propagate their impulses normally
  • Chronic fatigue disappears
  • Wound healing increases with enormous speed
  • Painful inflammation disappears
  • Brain fog and fatigue diminish
  • Immune system strengthens resisting seasonal bacterial/viral illnesses
  • Restful fulfilling sleep returns
  • Stress begins to wain

We use exercising with oxygen to help us treat chronic pain.  All the technologies we utilize in the clinic depend on healthy cells to affect their change.  Oxygen debt in tissues will impede our attempts to solve your chronic pain, sickness, and fatigue.  Exercising with oxygen is an indispensable modality in our fight to solve chronic pain. 

How Is Super Oxygenation Achieved?

It is a simple process involving exercising on an exercise cycle, an oxygen reservoir, and a breathing mask.  Once your heart rate has reached its normal working range and blood vessels have dilated (increased in diameter), super concentrated oxygen of 84% is delivered to you to breathe in.  Within seconds, every cell in your body now has 84% oxygen outside its membrane, and as described above, the process begins.  This takes 15 minutes to complete. 

Those who have good cardiovascular health can use this training to simulate high altitude exercising, actually toggling between oxygen levels seen at 10,000 feet elevation as in the rocky mountains of Colorado, and the high concentration of 84%.  These people use exercising with oxygen for increased cardiovascular resistance and not for treatment of chronic pain. 

Our hope is to transform those who seek treatment from us for their chronic pain into super healthy individuals with the vitality they once enjoyed.


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