Vascular Infrared Light Therapy

Vascular Infrared Light Therapy involves the use of light in the infrared spectrum- whose application over the skin causes blood vessels to dilate, increasing local circulation to regions with compromised blood flow.

We use this technology, along with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy and Neurostimulator, to help us resolve peripheral nerve damage, metabolic nerve dysfunction and all forms of neuropathies, including diabetic neuropathy.

Nerves will not heal or regenerate if they do not have sufficient quantities of oxygen and glucose necessary to fuel their recovery. This technology easily reliably increases the amount of oxygen and glucose delivery to cells through vastly increased blood flow volume.

How it works

Infrared light photons, the units of measurement for light energy, penetrate the skin traveling deep into the muscles beneath. The light pierces circulating hemoglobin molecules in red blood cells causing them to release a chemical called Nitric Oxide into the blood vessels locally. The nitric oxide reacts with the vessel walls, causing them to relax, thus allowing more blood to flow in the region.

Treatments with vascular infrared light therapy take 20 minutes to complete, causing immediate blood vessel dilation. Then the PEMF and neurostimulator go to work performing the nerve regeneration and healing process, now that an ample supply of oxygen and glucose are available to work with.

Importance of Infrared Light Therapy in Nerve Regeneration

Vascular infrared light therapy causes another very important effect when its light photons come in contact with damaged or dysfunctional nerves. Its’ application interacts with mitochondria, the energy-producing components of nerves, causing them to produce more energy to power the healing and regeneration functions the nerves will undergo, stimulated by the other therapies mentioned above. This increase in energy production is possible due to the infrared light’s work dilating blood vessels, thus providing vastly more oxygen and glucose molecules. Oxygen and glucose interact in a process termed the “Kreb Cycle”, to produce ample amounts of energy molecules called ATP.

Malfunctioning nerves are producing less energy than required for normal function, with metabolically or physically damaged mitochondria. Some of this damage could be caused by decreased blood flow to the nerves, with the detrimental lack of essential oxygen and glucose delivery. The result is nerve pain, pins/needles sensations, or loss of feeling with numbness. Such nerve malfunction in the legs is a primary cause for elderly to fall, not able to feel their feet the way that they should.

Vascular infrared light therapy plays a small role in our treatment and resolution of nerve damage, but it is a very important role. Without it, nerves would not respond to treatments.


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